Stay Ahead of Competition


To stay ahead of competition when dealing with online marketing, you have to consider SEO practices that have been proven to work efficiently when it comes down to optimization of websites. Ensure that your website meets the requirements needed for it to be visible to search engines.

Simple steps for beginners to follow through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so as to improve and make their websites visible to search engines includes:

    • Type of domain name
      A domain name bears great importance and determines several aspects of the success of your website. Brainstorm and select the best probable domain name for your website and at the same time be keen on the spellings and keywords used in the name. You might have done it right in terms of SEO but if your domain name is complex with words that can be easily misspelled, you will lose traffic fast as people can land to other pages while trying to find your site. Incorporate your brand name into the domain name to increase its credibility build and gain the audience’s confidence. Domain name is basically like the foundation of your SEO building and remember to always keep it branded, short which makes it easier to remember.


    • Explore on keywords to be used
      word-cloud-679937_960_720Avoid being random, with SEO you have to plan out and research every step you make. Take time and explore a range of keywords that you can blend with content for your site. Research can be carried out on other already established sites that are running under the same theme as your website in order to uncover the types of keywords audiences are using to access their products or services and drive traffic to their sites. Steer clear of general or ambiguous one word keywords if you want to beat competition. You may lose prospective clients when you use keywords that are irrelevant or too definite. Try and optimize your site for one keyword for a certain period of time and use long-tail keywords or phrases that your audiences use to find your company or business. Long-tail keywords in most cases have few results and that’s why it is a preference over general keyword terms that have a high rate of competition. If you feel you need more expertise in SEO you should assign this work to a professional phoenix SEO company.


  • Content matters
    To achieve high ranking on search engine results content is the basis that will establish on how much your site will thrive above its competitors. Content refers to any information you put up on your site that interests your audience. You need to update your content often to keep it fresh, unique, exciting and alluring to your target audience that will drive traffic and convert your numbers to customer. The audience should come first before search engine demands; if you overload your site with keywords you may risk losing your rank on search engine. Content regarded as appropriate is usually at least 500 words.