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What tools SEOs use to measure site metrics

There are various tools SEOs use to monitor the site’s metrics that will determine whether or not the site’s efforts in optimization are showing any progress. You may use various tools to measure site metrics that will help you foreshadow or predict what is to happen in the future and also the direction to follow with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEOs will be able to advise on the changes you can make on your website in order to improve ratings on the search engine results.

The most common metrics that people focus on is traffic to the website which refers to the number of visitors that browse across your site. This is a good angle of focusing on when trying to figure out the number of visitors you getting per day and determine whether it is increasing, declining or stagnating at the same place. Organic traffic is the best kind of metric to use as it is up front, candid and simple to comprehend. This indicator will also contribute in the form of SEO strategy to follow course to rank highly and the form of publications that drive traffic to your site for instance if immediately after putting up a certain post the number of visitors accessing the post increases, this is an indication that you probably should be writing more content on the topic or consider the keywords in your next post.

In instances that your traffic has stagnated or is declining at a fast rate after a long period of term, this is a clear wake up call for you to fix the SEO in your site as soon as possible. To assess traffic to your site you may use the Google Analytics account. This account is important for SEOs and what is awesome about it is that opening an account is free and you can learn online on how to use the Google Analytics tool in case you have no idea about to figure out the performance of your site.

A secret that most people are yet to discover is that SEO is more than the amount of traffic to your site. SEO lies more on the quality of the traffic received determined by the content engagement by the visitors to your site. This is the exact reason why you should be writing content that is appealing for your audience and not for the sake of ranking by search engine results. It is of no value when your traffic is crowded all the time and yet visitors to your site are not interacting and engaging with the content available. Metrics that count when studying your traffic quality include: amount of time the visitors have taken on your site, is traffic driven by new visitors or are they old visitors returning, pages per visit, bounce rate among others.