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How SEOs stay on top of shifts in Google criteria and algorithms

Those in charge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are known as SEOs.
Google shuffles its algorithms every time so often that it becomes difficult to keep up especially for website owners that have no idea about SEO strategies. SEO communities are in charge of keeping up with these trends and changes in Google Criteria and Algorithms. The changes in Google affect websites in different ways and lies on the negative side in most instances. Websites can lose its ranking on the search engines due to these changes in instances that the site has been crammed up by keywords in a limited amount of space or any irregularities concerning information on the website.

SEOs are able to stay on top of these shifts through a comprehensive understanding of the procedure and the techniques used to rate websites. Besides keeping track of changes in Google Criteria and Algorithms, SEOs also get in the know on what other networks are engaging in through interaction that ensures they are on the forefront of the shifts by Google. For them, Google is like that best friend that you have to keep tracks on and be updated on their every move because you are worried of the consequences that may result from choices made.

Through a variety of magazines subscriptions, news reference sites and having vital informants in their network; SEOS are able to easily access information on any changes Google might be undertaking. It is on rare occasions that these changes in Google Criteria and Algorithms occur without their knowledge. As a result SEOs are able to tweak and adjust their sites before Google implements its changes.