Metrics for SEO

Metrics help SEOs determine if a website’s content is appealing or gets the attention of your target audience and also assist in knowing the nature of content with the most engagement and consumption by visitors to the site. Knowledge of how to use metrics will help you in identifying the point of weakness of your site as you understand how the public interacts with content. Engagement of the audience is important to determine if the visitors are returning to the site or content delivered is not interesting enough and also rate if your site is gaining new visitors.

Site engagement and interaction is more than how many visitors browse on your site it is also about the manner at which your site appears on search engines result pages (SERPs). Close attention should be given to meta description as it is what gives your site credit from search engines result pages. Meta description should not be too long since most search engines cut off the description when it exceeds 150 total of spaces and words. Cutting off meta description leads to your audience being less informed or with incomplete definition on the site’s content.

For instance, when your pages per visit count and the amount of time spent by site visitors is low yet the bounce rate is of a high value; this may mean that your content is not that much appealing to your visitors or your site does not contain credible information in that particular topic. These results may also mean that your keywords are not optimized as required and therefore you are attracting a wrong audience that is not interested in your content. To resolve such issues you may consider reviewing your site for the type and frequency of keywords used. A high bounce rate may also mean your site has a slow loading time, links might be broken or a poor design quality of the website generally giving an awful first impression.

Site metrics may also be determined by the rate at which your site is referenced by other website owners. Traffic caused in this way is known as referral traffic. Referral traffic determines how many visitors to your site have originated from other websites. Traffic from other sites comes about through various ways such as guest posts on other websites. If you have quality content on your site other sites related to the theme of your site can link to posts on your website. Due to this there is an urgent need to work on content quality and give your best when you resonate to writing a guest post. Not all referral traffic contributes to high ranking on search engines especially if it originates from unreliable websites. However, when credible websites link to content from your website often, SEO value increases and this improves your site ranking highly since visitors will gain confidence on content from your site. The higher the number of links or backlinks to your site means that your content quality is great. Have a regular monitoring of the SEO on your site to determine if the website is gaining or losing links.

To figure out where your site stands you can use search engines to find your main keywords and through this you will be able to know the ranking of your website. It is advisable not to use the same keyword on several pages as this will cause competition among your own pages when it comes to search engine results. Find the landing pages that are bringing in the most traffic and modify them for better conversion rates of your website with SEO . The above are just some of the metrics tools that you may use to discover how effective your SEO endeavors are.